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Vs Hawks


Kepler is a star, JJ should go out partying till 4.30 every week. Lovett's another superfreak. We are even more screwed without Fletch.

Broken arm twin won us the game! Kicked two behinds!1!!!eleven!1!! *cough* Really, he did nothing. Fabulous move that was!

Oldman!Hird should stop getting cramps when he needs to be Mr. Everywhere in the last quarter.

Teddy made me laugh about 50 times during the game when he was ribbing Barker. It's extremely fun to scream, 'would you like monfries with that' every time Angus goes near the ball and get strange looks from other people.

I've never heard supporters whinge so much, every contest a poor Hawthorn player was being pushed in the back. Umpires were terrible though. Am very sick of close matches.

Can't shake this disappointed feeling.
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